Pinot Gris Vendanges Tardives 2020

The Late Harvests are the ultimate reward for the finest vintages.
The grapes are harvested when they are overripe, depending on the year between October 25 and the end of November.
The harvest is carried out in a single pass. Some of the grapes are affected by noble rot and other parts are raising. The grapes are very rich in sugar, between 17 and 18.5% vol of potential alcohol.
Alcoholic fermentation is stopped around 13% vol, so the wine will retain around 75g / l of residual sugars.
The passerillage and the noble rot concentrate all the elements of the grape, transforming and amplifying the aromas, bringing fullness, richness and smoothness.

It is a wine of great aromatic intensity, spices, hints of quince and candied fruit. The concentrated, intense and smooth palate will bring you a lot of pleasure!
Food and wine pairing: Aperitif, foie gras, well-matured Munster or often sufficient on its own.
Alc: 13%
Keeping: 10 years or more. Can be drunk now.
Service: 12 ° c.

Tuottaja Joseph Scharsch
Maa / Alue Ranska - Alsace
Pullokoko 0,75l