Il Riposo del Soldato Vermouth Rosso

Il Riposo del Soldato is an elegant Vermouth, that has been developed with the purpose of amplifying the value of Castelvecchio red wine in order to create a unique product in which the vibrancy of the wine combines with classic aromatic plants and botanicals from the Italian tradition.

For this reason, a larger amount of wine has been used, in comparison to the usual vermouths, and no chemical stabilizer nor preservative has been added, except for pure grain alcohol. Possible precipitations after opening are due to the absence of stabilizers and attest the artisanal nature of the production process. Therefore, we hose to set the ABV at 18% with the intention of best preserving the organoleptic properties of our product.

Botanicals: wormwood, sweet orange peel, cinchona, mint, lemon balm, common thyme, gentian, artichoke, hyssop.

Tuottaja Castelvecchio
Maa / Alue Italia - Friuli
Pullokoko 0,75l