Forster Musenhang Riesling Trocken 2017

Geographic situation:
160 – 220 m above sea level
sloping site, rising towards and bordering on the edge of the forest

Soil structure:
Clayey sand with limestone outcrops

Total area:
8.63 hectares

Origin of name:
The name of this site is supposedly derived from ’Musehelde’ (= ’Mäushöhle’ [mouse hole] in Deidesheim). Indeed, the connoisseur and gourmet may well feel the inspirational kiss of the mythological ’muse’ when enjoying this wine!

Wine features:
Due to its close proximity to the forest, this site is well supplied with water and produces grapes with good acidity levels. The wines are mostly light-structured, with full-bodied features expressive of minerals and are always rich in extract. The Riesling grapes enjoy a long ripening period, do not tend to spoil and preserve their golden colour for a long time. They are not usually harvested until the beginning of November.

Tuottaja Weingut Georg Mosbacher
Maa / Alue Saksa - Pfalz
Pullokoko 0,75l