Sassella Nuova Regina Riserva 2013 DOCG Valtellina Superiore

The cadastral maps had borne the name for generations, probably even before that our ancestor Giovanni Pelizzatti started selling his wine across the border with Switzerland in 1860.

Close to the Rocce Rosse, the “New Queen” rises to over 450 metres, as far as the road that leads from Sant’Anna to Triasso. There seems to be more rock than earth in this vineyard and here we have kept the greatest number of old vines: a collection of ancient genes that, in the best years, create one of the longest-lasting, most precious Riserva, as only a completely manual process can give. 1991 was an amazing vintage but it’s harder to find one today on a restaurant wine list than it is to meet the Queen herself.

The Valtellina Superiore Sassella Riserva Nuova Regina DOCG shows you how exciting a red wine from the Valtellina can be if you have the good fortune to enjoy it when it has been given all the the right waiting time. Its quintessential simplicity surprise you for its wonderful cleanliness and freshness in the mouth and, thanks to the versatility of Nebbiolo from the Alps, it brings out its best on tables around the world.

Tuottaja Arpepe
Maa / Alue Italia - Lombardia
Pullokoko 0,75l