Rosé Non-Alcoholic Sparkling

ARENSBAK Rosé is created on a base of Wuniuzao Longjing green tea harvested at the foggy hilltops in China’s Zheijang province. The tea itself has delicate notes of flowers and dried grass that add finesse to the final ARENSBAK Rosé.

It’s made on a base of kombucha and in the second fermentation, elderberries, raspberries and hibiscus are added to give ARENSBAK Rosé its floral and sophisticated flavor. A hint of rose pepper adds to the characteristic scent. Before tapped, ARENSBAK Rosé is layered with oak to complement structure and tannins. Fizzy bubbles enhance the tasting experience.

ARENSBAK Rosé on fermentoitu vihreä tee kuohuva seljanmarjalla ja rosépippurilla maustettuna. 3,2g sokeria / 100ml ja napakat hapot. Kupla säilyy hyvin!

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