ARENSBAK has deep roots in Copenhagen. The fine drops of ARENSBAK are crafted by sommelier Emilie Øst-Jacobsen and flavor designer Bram Kerkhof. The purpose was to create a tasteful and complex drinking experience without alcohol building flavors from the ground up and pushing the boundaries of flavors through fermentation.

Fermented tea was chosen as the foundational element in ARENSBAK. Just like grapes, tea can have a complex flavor profile with incredible taste and aromas. And similar to grapes used in traditional wine, tea contains acids and tannins that are naturally present in the tea leaves, which give structure and body. To find the best teas, Emilie and Bram teamed up with one of the leading tea sommeliers in Europe, Alexis Kaae and Pu from VAKKA. Many different teas were tasted before the choice fell on the white Oolong tea, Monkey Picked Tie Guan Yin, for ARENSBAK White and Gong Ting Palace Shu Puerh for ARENSBAK Red.

Having a beating heart for fermentation, Bram has spent endless hours in the lab experimenting with different fermentation techniques to create the right flavor profile and complexity. ARENSBAK is double fermented – meaning it’s fermented twice. In the first fermentation kombucha is created. And in the second fermentation whole botanicals are infused. After 40 days of natural fermentation, ARENSBAK is tapped.

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