ARENSBAK Red is crafted on a base of black Shu Puerh tea from the Yunnan region in the Southwestern part of China. The tea itself has a natural earthy flavor that contributes to ARENSBAK Red’s deep and complex taste.

It is made on a base of kombucha and in the second fermentation, chokeberries, black currant, sour cherries and mushrooms are added to create umami. And the infusion of juniper berries and licorice contributes to ARENSBAK Red’s deep mouthfeel. Finally, ARENSBAK Red is layered with oak to enhance its natural tannins and structure.

ARENSBAK Red on fermentoitu Pu-erh tee pohjainen still ”viini”, jota on maustettu hapankirsikalla, mustaviini- sekä katajanmarjalla. Sokereita 2,4g /100ml ja napakat hapot. Säilyy avattuna 4vko.

Maa / Alue Tanska - Tanska
Pullokoko 0,75l