Ugni Blanc – Colombard – Folle Blanche – Jurançon – Blanc Ramé – Bouilleaux – Balzac blanc and Chalosse (most of these grape varieties have totally disappeared after the phylloxera crisis of 1870).

LE PARADIS RAGNAUD SABOURIN – 41° : A subtle blend of 90 % of eaux de vie from the beginning of the last century and of 10 % of eaux de vie dating from before the phylloxera attack (prior to 1870). As a heritage coming from Gaston Briand the family founder of Ragnaud Sabourin, our Paradis Cognac is part of an exceptional and very rare Grande Champagne batch. Each bottle is numbered and not more than a hundred of them are sold each year all around the world.

The complexity of this cognac is light and fruity but there is also a fresh walnut and wonderful light rancio. The rancio is immediately noticeable on the nose but a citrus orange marmalade, floral and yeasty aroma comes through. The increasingly complex Charente rancio is backed by touches of fruit and its exceptional length on the palate can last up to an hour.

Tuottaja Cognac Ragnaud-Sabourin
Maa / Alue Ranska -
Pullokoko 0,50l