Winemaker Marie-Pierre Chevassu-Fassenet took over her family’s wine estate in 2008 and manages her 4.5 hectares from vine to cellar door herself. Located in Château-Chalon, the most traditional part of the Jura, Marie-Pierre makes meticulous modern reds and traditional whites.
Her reds are carefully sorted at harvest and manually destemmed before going into CO2-filled tanks to avoid using SO2 at bottling. No oak is used, resulting in a deliciously full-fruit flavour with a touch of CO2 that disappears with some aeration.
Whites are traditional, no topping up, aged in foudres or demi-muids, there is only a hint of the oxidative character: the process simply brings out the minerality of the marl soil.
The Savagnins, which come from En Beaumont, are aged in three locations: a small amount in a loft, another small part in a semi-underground cellar, and three-quarters underground, meaning, as is classic for Château-Chalon, less temperature variation during ageing, aiming at finesse and elegance.