Sylvaner Himmelslücke 2019

100% Silvaner

“Himmelslücke” translates to a “piece of heaven.” Always one of the most finessed, lightest and finest wines Vetter makes this is a treatise in mineral water and stone. The “Himmelslücke” is another higher-altitude parcel, at the top of the hill of terraced vineyards, close to the forest’s edge. Limestone soils here are dominant and the wine is always one of the saltiest, most lithe and graceful of Stefan’s. It is a wine of precision and clarity and cut. Green apples and waxy, resinous garden notes with cut stones. This is normally one of the first harvests of the year; Stefan is looking for that moment when the acids turn, yet are still nearly on the verge of greenness.

None other than the New York Times’ Eric Asimov wrote about one of Stefan Vetter’s Sylvaners as a “most memorable bottle of 2018.”

Tuottaja Stefan Vetter
Maa / Alue Saksa - Franken
Pullokoko 0,75l