Cremant de Die Brut

Crémant de Die is a blend of three grape varieties: 75% clairette and 20% aligoté, which gives it its raw character, and about 5% muscat to keep it slightly mellow (proportions are slightly different depending on the year).
Biodynamic viticulture
Three parcels give their character to this mountain crémant :
Les Côtes Enrouies – an abrupt south-facing talus
Dignechien – with its loose marly soil
Morteseigne –  a berm/mountain-encased shelf of land with strong clay soil.

Upon harvest, the grapes are pressed whole and then undergo the traditional method:

  • After a first fermentation of about 4 months in a refrigerated tank, we obtain a dry white wine, called base wine, to which we add a  tirage liqueur (cane sugar and yeasts).
  • This causes a second fermentation and the bubbles take form in bottles lying on slats. It must be done slowly and lasts at least 9 months.
  • After this period of aging, the turning of the bottles, which was previously done on special « desks », manually and daily, consists of gradually bringing the residual deposit of dead yeasts to the neck, placing the bottle upside down. This operation takes 3 weeks.
  • Then, the deposit is removed by a process called disgorging, by immersing the neck in a solution at -26°C. Finally, the bottle is uncapped, and the ice formed by this process is expelled by pressure. The lost volume is then offset by an addition of liqueur (grape sugar).
Unlike the clairette tradition that does not need aging, the crémant requires aging on slats from 12 to 48 months to develop its aromas.
Tuottaja Cote Cairn
Maa / Alue Ranska - Die
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