Stefan Vetter

”Not More But Also Not Less.” This is the translation of the phrase printed near the base of every label of Vetter wine (and cider), and it perfectly sums up Stefan Vetter’s approach and commitment to his vineyards and wines. As such, he farms both organically and biodynamically, as would be expected. As he works only old vines, only in steep, terraced sites and everything is done by hand. Pressing is done gently with either an old screw press or a basket press and can take four to six hours. For the most part, Stefan picks earlier, looking for ripe, clean grapes with higher acidities.

In the cellar he adds nothing, allowing for spontaneous fermentation. The juice may see a short bit of skin contact, but for the most part it is just moved directly into old barrels. The wines spend at least 12 months in barrel, are unfined and unfiltered, and Vetter uses fairly low levels of sulfur or none at all, depending on the needs of the wine.