Domaine du Closel

The family vineyard Les Vins DOMAINE du CLOSEL is located at the Château des Vaults, in Savennières, Grand Cru of the Loire Valley. We shape, manage and develop the biodiversity in our vineyards by repecting and preserving the natural cycles in the ecosystem. The authentic and lively wines we produce are expressions of our land, our work in the vineyard, and the harmony we strive to maintain.

We are artisanal winemakers, artisans of taste and the art of French living. To visit and discover our dry white, red, rosés and sparkling wines is to taste Chenin Blanc from Savennières and Cabernet Franc from Anjou, feel under your feet the slopes of our slate hillsides warmed by the sun of Anjou, be dazzled by the light of the Loire, inhale the fragrances of old roses, hear the ocean breeze rustling in the foliage of the park’s old trees, experience a beautiful page of history in a traditional Anjou mansion.

Maa Ranska

Alue Loire
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