Domaine Chatillon

Philippe Chatillon makes his wines with a lot of love and passion. He accompanies each stage of the vineyard to create the healthiest grapes. From the beginning, he made the choice to practice an organic culture. This technic obliges a special care and always more presence in the vineyards.

The grape harvests are entirely manual. The grapes are collected in small containers and arrive whole at the cellar to avoid oxidation. In the vineyard as in the cellar, no week killer nor chemical product of synthesis is used. Only the pickaxe cherishes the stock. Philippe works with products of nature: dung of horn, tea of compost that he ferments during 24 hours of a mixture of algae and mushrooms that is then spread on the ground.

According to him, a good wine is made in the vineyard, without chaptalization, nor yeasting, from grapes resulting from organic agriculture and in biodynamy.

Philippe Chatillon works his wines in bio-harmony. According to him, the vibration of the sound is important since it allows to balance the wines at the cellar.

He uses a crystal harp and singing bowls to harmonize the wines. This brings an energy, a search of harmony. The wine is assembled for bottling without filtration or fining.

The wines of Domaine Philippe Chatillon are labeled Ecocert.