Cote Cairn

This story begins with two farms deeply involved in their cooperation in the Clairette de Die region. The first belonging to Vincent and Hembise, pioneers of organic winemaking, began this journey 30 years ago, largely supported at that time by Alain BONO, a committed and motivated technical director who passed away a few years later. The one belonging to Cyrille was purchased 10 years ago from another pioneer, André BILLAUD. He was the first to venture into the creation of biodynamic wine.
In 2013, it became clear that the general policy adhered to by the cooperative we belonged to at that time was in total contradiction to our ambitions and our values. Vincent and Cyrille’s positions on the Board of Directors had not been renewed, thus preventing any constructive conversation.
After 25 years of complete investment in the cooperative structure, we decided to venture out on our own and put our own convictions into practice. This is how Côté Cairn was born, in the form of an economic interest group, whose purpose is to sell and promote wines and other organic fair trade products.
Maa Ranska

Alue Die
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