Château Yvonne

Château Yvonne is in the heart of the village of Parnay, a few steps from the Loire.

In 1997, a couple of passionate Yvonne and Jean-François Lamunière settled there and recreated the vineyard with the help of Françoise Foucault. The place is named ”Château Yvonne”.

In 2007, Mathieu Vallée took over the domain. He keeps the name of Château Yvonne in tribute to the titanic work of these enthusiasts. The history of Château Yvonne is renewed …

Son of a winemaker, I grew up on the right bank of the Loire, in St Nicolas de Bourgueil.

My vocation comes late, at 30 years old. I give up my job as an engineer to devote myself to this work of winemaker. This surprises my family: they know how demanding the work of the land is.

This turn was not without anxiety, it is my desire to work with my hands that made it possible.


Maa Ranska

Alue Loire
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